Selasa, 02 Mei 2017

On an village, life is a young man who lives with her mother. And mother of young man that

have drams that many people consider the youths will not get her mother childhood dream, 

namely on hajj. The consider dreams mother the young man cave only be in achieving by the 

wealthy people. 

Mother is most beautiful women

And one day, while young man only small farmers who lived in shortages, but the man never despair to embody dreams his mother although many people think that it 

is the eye. The young man fixed want to childhood dream his mother. And one day the man 

won a lottery in set up by one big companies who give somebody money worth hundreds of 

millions who he did accidentally. And immediately her people be good to him as though 

never harass the youth. the young man no rancor at all and yes will make his mother for 

dream this dreams are only having a good dream for him.

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  1. Good writing, b
    ut it will be great if you write more complete and clear.