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The son of shells

One day a young shells at the bottom of the sea pitted and complain of her mother for a sand sharp entered his body the red one and pulpy . “my son”  said the mother while overflowed with tears , “ the lord has not give to us , the shells , a hand is , that she could not help you .”

The shells storyteller august 3, 2011 fabled motivation 29 comments pearls pearls one day a young shells at the bottom of the sea pitted and complain of her mother for a sand sharp entered his body the red one and pulpy. “my son,”  said the mother while overflowed with tears, “ the lord has not give to us, the shells, a hand is, that she could not help you. “ mom fell silent, for a moment,” hurt, i know my son.But accept it as destiny nature.Strengthened your heart.Not too frisky again.Deploy your spirit against the hurt and pain that bite.Wrap it the sand with the sap your stomach.Only that you can do”, his mother said with plaintive and soft.

The shells advice is doing his mother.Is the result, but it would sick is not a abysmal. Sometimes in the pain, he doubted his mother advice.With tears he endured, many years ever.But without he realized a pearl buildup in the flesh.Are more and more subtle.Pain are more reduced.And the longer his pearl bigger.Pain to be felt more likely.Last so many years, a large pearl, intact shiny, and valuable expensive was formed in full.The distress turned into pearl, her tears turned into a great significance.He now, as a result suffered many years, more valuable than a million shells other just eaten people as shells boiled roadside.

Pebbles and sand

At the beginning a philosophy class at a university, professor stand with a few items seen dangerous at his desk.A jar mayonaisse empty, some rocks, some gravel, and sand.Students see such objects by curious.Them to wonder, what would professor that do and try to guess demonstration what will happen

Without saying a word anything , professor started laying stones small to in jars mayonaisse one by one .The students were dazed , but professor gave no explanation first. After stones came into the tube , professor speak for the first time that day .She asked to students do they think jars are full .The students agreed that jars are full .

Professor and then take a pebble on the table and slowly pour such gravel to in jars Small pebbles it found a fissure in between stones large.Professor then hit the light jar to allow gravel settled in the slit that is in in a jar.He then back ask students do jar are full, and students back agreed that jar has been full of.

The students now know what will professor do next , but they still do not understand why professor do it .Professor grabbed the sand and then pour it into mayonnaise jar .Sand , as expected , fill any space that is left in a jar .Professor for the last time asked his disciples , whether jars  were all full , and the answer is again: yes

Professor then explained that jars mayonnaise is analogy for life .He equalize stone with the most important thing in life , namely: health , your partner, children you , and everything that makes life complete 

He compares gravel for things make your life comfortable like your job , your house , and your car .Finally , he explained sand is small thingsinsignificant in your life.

Professor explain , put sand first in  jars would cause there is no room to rock or gravel .Similarly , destabilize your life by small things will cause you have no room for thingsarge valuable really.

The moral values: not everything necessary for of the happiness .Take time to with children and your partner .Finish your job when you were in office , not when you were gathered with the family .A grudge against one would not useful for you .Get your priority between now and between rocks , gravel , and sand .

A Dish of Ice Cream

One day, when a bowl of ice cream sundaes are cheaper, a boy aged 10 years into a coffee shop and sat at the table.A servant put a glass of water in front of him

“How the price to a bowl of ice cream sundaes are ?”

“50 sen”  answered the waiter

The little boy withdrew his hand out of pocket and calculate a number of a nickel in the it .

“How the price to a bowl of ice cream plain ?” The boy asked again .Some people now wait to get a table and servant getting a little impatient

35 sen”  the servant the rough

A child the calculations coins again , and finally said i want to buy a bowl of ice cream plain,” said

The waiter brought him ice cream order such a child , put a bill in the table and walk away leaving the child .When the child had finished eat ice cream , he pay for it at the checkout and go home .

When the manservant come back to clear the table , he began to wiping the table and then while they eat because what did he see .In the desk , placed neatly on side plate empty , coin worth 15 cents , tip to the manservant of a child last he considers to be sucks .

So wisdom that we can take of the above is: do not take a paltry or despised others , because it could be the person was will help you when you have a predicament

The Elephant Rope

When a man walked of elephants , he suddenly stop .He was puzzled by the fact that creatures big it is tied up with just a small rope tied to their front feet .No chain , no home .It is very obvious that the elephant can escape from their ties anytime .But whether for some reason , they do not do it .

She saw a coach nearby and asked the coach . why the animals were just standing there and not trying to escape ?”

Well , when they were very young and much smaller , we use size a rope same to bind them .And , of that age , a rope that is enough to hold them .As they grow , they conditioned to believe that they cannot escape .They believe that a rope it is still can hold them , they never tried to break free. so explanation of a coach the elephant .

He was amazed. animals this could have been every time the dissolution of ties their leash .But because they believe that they cannot , they are trapped exactly where they are

Like an elephant , how many of us who live a life dependent on a belief that we can not do something , just because we fail once before ? 

Failure is part of learning.We must not give up to fight in your life

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A find a cocoon a butterfly .One day a small hole appeared .He sat and observing in a few hours that butterflies when she struggled with forcing himself through a small hole that .Then it stops butterflies make progress .She looks like she has sought to him however we can and can not even further .

The concluded that they would help , he took a pair of shears and cut the rest of the shell restraints it .The butterfly out with easy. however , he had the body distend and small , shriveled wings. person continued to look into it because he expects that , at some point , wings will bloom and wide order to be able to support his body , that will grow in time .

Everything is not ever happened.In fact, butterflies that spend the rest of his life crawl around it with the body distend and shriveled wings.He could never fly.Which are not intelligible of the kindness and the rush the person is that a cocoon the immobilize and struggle s needed butterflies to pass through holes little is the way of allah to force a liquid of the body butterflies into its wings in a way that he will be ready fly so she got freedom from the pupa cocoon.

Sometimes struggle is all that it takes in our lives .But if he fails we live uninhibited , that may be just has us paralyzed .We may is not as strong as the should we can .We may never can fly .I pray for power? and allah gives i obstacles to make i went strong 

In the words of a cleric , ' rather than to require ' o god therefore lighten masalahku' , but  move' o god punggungku' be strong


The real story , occurring in pakistan .A dr surgeons famous ( dr .Ishan ) in a hurry to the airport .He is planning to come to conferences the world in medicine , to discuss his biggest discovery in medical field .After the airplane trip about 1 hour , suddenly announced that the plane is disrupted and had to land at the airport nearest . 

He visited the lighting and said: i am a special, every minutes of human life resorting to me, and now you ask me waiting for a plane be fixed in 16 hours?Employees said: o doctor, if you in a hurry you can rent a car, aim manda was not far from here, approximately by car 3 hours arrived.

Dr .Ishan agree with proposals the employee and rent a car .Just over 5 minutes , in a hurry weather clouded , followed by heavy rain accompanied by lightning resulting in the visibility very short 

After passed nearly 2 hours, they realized they got lost and feels exhaustion.Looks a small house not far from before, come over the house and knock. 

Heard the voice of an old lady: Please come in, who ya?

Open the door.He to enter and persuade to the mother to break sit down and want to borrow the phone.The mother smiled and said: ' call what son?Do you are not aware is the?Here there is no electricity, let alone the phone.However, enter please sit down first break, a minute i making some tea and bit of food to refreshes and restore strength you.'

Dr.Ishan like to thank her, and eat.While her prayer and prayed and slowly land approaching a kid lies not moving up a mattress with the mother, and he seemed agitated of every prayer.The mother continue prayers with do' a long a

Him and doctors say that for the sake of god , you have made i was impressed with the hospitality of you and your glory their attitude , may god answered do' a-do' a you .

Said her, son , you this is and the traveler already ordained by god for assisted .While do' a-do' a i have answered them all , except for one .Ask dr .Ishan: does that do' anya ?The mother said, child this is my grandson , he an orphan .He sick incurable by doctors that are here .They said to me this is a doctor surgeon who will be able to the cure; he said his name dr .Ishan , but he stay away from
here , that does not allow i do it to there , and i worry happens in the way .Thats why i berdo' a to god for memudahkannya .

And dr .Ishan and said while sobs: allahu akbar , do not haula quwwata illa billah .By god , really do' a mom has building a broken and must be improved long and leaving rain thunder and misled us , only to bring me to mother quickly and precisely .I belong dr .Ishan mom , and god created for like this to the servant that mu-min with do' a. this is commandments to me to treat this kid

Long hands and alms

In a history ever it is his wife, that a time after death prophet, the his wife gathered at a house one of them.And they measuring hand them in the wall to find which longest hand.These activities often make them, until the daughter of jahsy divorce. 

What it is because it is performed by the wives of the prophet saw ?It turns out , a time of rasulullah saw ever spoken as narrated bukhari and muslim

That the fastest following me from you ( my wives) is the most his hands.' lengths Tie fast following say he is zainab daughter of jahsy .While zainab having hands short and not the longest compared to the detriment of other wi

Why zainab?According to his wife hadith dinukil of the same, because zainab work with their hands and always charity.Even at a record issued by ath-thbarani in al-ausath specify that zainab radhiallhu ' anha knitting clothing then gave it to the prophet.The troops prophet sew and use them during the war

Finally the wives of the prophet saw was recognized and understood the prophet saw about what he refers to with ' tangan' long , namely like giving charity .And ang zainab-lah referred to in the hadith .Wallahu' nature