Minggu, 16 Juli 2017

Part:2 Beautiful woman & youth unemployment


*Man           : PING
*Man           : PING
*Man           : PING
*Man           : PING
*Man           : PING
*Women      : Please do not bother me again
*Man           : But i promised to happy you 
*Women      : No, You will not get
*Man           : But i promised to happy you
*women      : (There was no answer)
*Man           : PING
*Man           : PING
*Man           : PING
*Man           : PING
*Man           : PING

Five years later,The boy was young entrepreneurs and successful  and he is man ideal women

*Women      : PING
*Women      : PING
*Women      : PING
*Women      : PING
*Women      : PING
*Man           : Yes, what is it you Chat me
*Women      : You have been arrogant
*Man           : Arrogant why
*Women      : Because you never chat me again, you changed, not as they were at
 first again, as you be successful you are never chat me again
*Women      : Or are you forget the same i am
*Man           : Not i would never forget you
*Women      : Are you serious
*Man           : Yes am serious
*Women      : May am i speak something to you
*Man           : yes really
*Women      : Actually i do you love, i must say i was wrong but i can not lie   
  against their me again, because i love you.
*Man           :Sorry i can not because i have wants to marry a someone who loves
*Women      : I am very aorry for all
*Man           : Don't worry
*Man           : Tomorrow i will apply for the women who loved me
*Women      : oke good luck
*Man           : Thnaks

One day then bloke come and applied for the girl

*Man           : Would you like to married to me
*Women      : What (Pleasantly surprised)
*Man           : I want you to accompany me forever
*Man           : Are you willing to cocompany me

*Women      : Yes i am ready (moved)


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