Rabu, 19 Juli 2017


I am waiting in line for riding in a taxicab at the airport dubai.When the taxi was stopped, the first thing i notice is that taxi was so clean and glossy
The driver dress white shirt , tie black , and black pants jump out and walked around the car to open the passenger door for me .
He gave cards laminates and said:

I am abdul .While i manaruh your bag in the trunk i want you to read my mission statement
I was surprised to read the card is .Said to be

Mission statement:

To deliver customers into their destination with the fastest, safest and cheapest and create friendly neighbours.

When i was behind, abdul said:
Do you want a cup of coffee ?I have a flask and one without caffeine coffee

I jokingly:

No , i prefer soft drinks

Abdul smiled and said:
No problem. I have cooling contains regular and diet coke, cola, water and orange juice
Almost nervous i said
I will take cola
While thrusting my beverages , abdul said
If you want something to be read , i have the nst , star and the sun toda

Then abdul handed cards other:
If i wanted to listen to the radio and music

Seems not enough, abdul told me that the van it has air conditioner and asked if the temperature air conditioning comfortable for me
Then he suggested i best route to my goal for the day .He also told me that he would love to chat and told me about some spectacle or places another interesting
I said , ' i was amazed and asked :
' whether you always serving customers like this ?

Abdul smiled to the mirror , ' not , not necessarily .Even , honestly i do in the last two years .For five years first i worked as a driver , i spent most of the time i to complain as all cab drivers other .Then one day i heard a story about the power select
The power of choice that you can choose into ducks or hawk
If you get up in the morning expecting to have a bad day , you will fail yourself .Stop complaining
Wishful so duck .Be a hawk .Duck just complaining .An eagle flying high above the crowd
It hit me and blew my mind wide open , ' said abdu
this is about me .I did continually complain , so i decided to change my attitude and a hawk
I looked all around, many taxi dirty, driver who are just as hostile, and the customer an unhappy
I decided to make some changes , slowly ... gradual but surely .When my customer responding well , i do it again
My first year as a hawk, i earn a living doubled from the previous year.This year my income rose four times.Customers i always call me for him back
Abdul make a choice different .He decided to stop being duck and start flying like an eagle

Start be a hawk today ... the one small step every Day , every week ..And then ...And then .... * there is no late * rectify yourself and your abilities in different ways .Be an eagle ... is not a duck

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