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The Old Man And Blankets

The Old Man And Blankets

An old man with matching 
gross entrance into the store the stately. Of his shirt , looked if the old man of comity indigent Visitors at the store ( the average bourgeois ) to see how old man .But not with a shopkeeper, 

shopkeeper       : To find any what sir?(He asked friendly)

old man                : I want to buy a blanket 6 strands for me and the my wife" But"
      (The Answer of skeptical)

Shopkeeper       : But why sir?

Old Man               : I Only hsve 100 riya money What enough to buying six strands a blanket ?
                               No need to good , that counts can be to protect the body from cold,"

Shopkeeper       : Oh enough mr, I have a blanket good from turkey.It just 20 riyal course.My father
  buy 5, i give a bonus 1 strands, (Responsible sprightly)

Relief, the old man is shining.She held 100 riyal money, and brought a blanket he bought home
A friend shopkeepers that from the last seen and heard conversations then asked shopkeepers
no mistake ?You said that blanket the best and expensive is in your shop this .Yesterday you sell 450 riyal me .Now you are selling old man 20 riyal ? ' , he protested wonder
A shopkeeper    : 'benar.Is the price that blanket 450 riyals, and i sell it you no less and no more.But yesterday i traded with man.Now i traded with god
By god!Indeed i do not want the money in the least.But i wanted to keep self-esteem old man so that the he as if not being received alms from me so that it can make it shame
By god!I just want to the old man and his family avoid the severe weather of winter the one come.And i wish he menghindarkanku and my family by the heat fire

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