Selasa, 01 Agustus 2017

Learn from the farmers

Life the farmers that peace and fixed happy in the midst of his life simple,  The same as pattern their lives , these farmers can also viewing and limit their minds with simple and common.
Imagine , they sow rice seeds and leave a source of their lives it in the rice paddies and fields that is far , but they still sleep all night. What if pest rice spend it rice that tonight ?What if floods and the storm , and thwart harvest ?

If always is worrying things like that , so these farmers will not be able to happy in his sleep tight. But they are those who know and understand with clear its limit as human beings.
They work in maximum all day and to spend all the best that rice fields and fields, and the rest, let lord that will determine, not?

This story teach us to always work the maximum in everything that are we doing. Do not be afraid to fail in doing something as all things certainly there are risks .May the lord determine the rest

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