Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

The Elephant Rope

When a man walked of elephants , he suddenly stop .He was puzzled by the fact that creatures big it is tied up with just a small rope tied to their front feet .No chain , no home .It is very obvious that the elephant can escape from their ties anytime .But whether for some reason , they do not do it .

She saw a coach nearby and asked the coach . why the animals were just standing there and not trying to escape ?”

Well , when they were very young and much smaller , we use size a rope same to bind them .And , of that age , a rope that is enough to hold them .As they grow , they conditioned to believe that they cannot escape .They believe that a rope it is still can hold them , they never tried to break free. so explanation of a coach the elephant .

He was amazed. animals this could have been every time the dissolution of ties their leash .But because they believe that they cannot , they are trapped exactly where they are

Like an elephant , how many of us who live a life dependent on a belief that we can not do something , just because we fail once before ? 

Failure is part of learning.We must not give up to fight in your life

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