Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

That day , on the train there are a young man with his father .The young man was 24 years old , has grown mature enough of

On the train , the young man look out the window , and said to her father .Dad ' see , those trees are being running around

A pair of young child sits adjacent .Both see youth 24 years earlier with pity .How not , to the size of her age , the ritual of the young man look so childish
But as if no matter, the youth last suddenly said again with his enthusiasm, ' father look at, the cloud seems to be follow we!

The couple young man looking impatient, and said to the fathers of the young man.' why do not you bring your son it to a doctor good

His dad only smile , and said .' i have take , and we have just from hospital .My son this before blind since small , and he only get eyes this' day

Friend , every single human being on the planet having the story each .Do not we immediately men-judge the person before we know them right .Because the truth perhaps surprise us .Always think well to everyone , because it taught prophets , and that is a good way to live ..

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