Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

Pebbles and sand

At the beginning a philosophy class at a university, professor stand with a few items seen dangerous at his desk.A jar mayonaisse empty, some rocks, some gravel, and sand.Students see such objects by curious.Them to wonder, what would professor that do and try to guess demonstration what will happen

Without saying a word anything , professor started laying stones small to in jars mayonaisse one by one .The students were dazed , but professor gave no explanation first. After stones came into the tube , professor speak for the first time that day .She asked to students do they think jars are full .The students agreed that jars are full .

Professor and then take a pebble on the table and slowly pour such gravel to in jars Small pebbles it found a fissure in between stones large.Professor then hit the light jar to allow gravel settled in the slit that is in in a jar.He then back ask students do jar are full, and students back agreed that jar has been full of.

The students now know what will professor do next , but they still do not understand why professor do it .Professor grabbed the sand and then pour it into mayonnaise jar .Sand , as expected , fill any space that is left in a jar .Professor for the last time asked his disciples , whether jars  were all full , and the answer is again: yes

Professor then explained that jars mayonnaise is analogy for life .He equalize stone with the most important thing in life , namely: health , your partner, children you , and everything that makes life complete 

He compares gravel for things make your life comfortable like your job , your house , and your car .Finally , he explained sand is small thingsinsignificant in your life.

Professor explain , put sand first in  jars would cause there is no room to rock or gravel .Similarly , destabilize your life by small things will cause you have no room for thingsarge valuable really.

The moral values: not everything necessary for of the happiness .Take time to with children and your partner .Finish your job when you were in office , not when you were gathered with the family .A grudge against one would not useful for you .Get your priority between now and between rocks , gravel , and sand .

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