Jumat, 11 Agustus 2017

Long hands and alms

In a history ever it is his wife, that a time after death prophet, the his wife gathered at a house one of them.And they measuring hand them in the wall to find which longest hand.These activities often make them, until the daughter of jahsy divorce. 

What it is because it is performed by the wives of the prophet saw ?It turns out , a time of rasulullah saw ever spoken as narrated bukhari and muslim

That the fastest following me from you ( my wives) is the most his hands.' lengths Tie fast following say he is zainab daughter of jahsy .While zainab having hands short and not the longest compared to the detriment of other wi

Why zainab?According to his wife hadith dinukil of the same, because zainab work with their hands and always charity.Even at a record issued by ath-thbarani in al-ausath specify that zainab radhiallhu ' anha knitting clothing then gave it to the prophet.The troops prophet sew and use them during the war

Finally the wives of the prophet saw was recognized and understood the prophet saw about what he refers to with ' tangan' long , namely like giving charity .And ang zainab-lah referred to in the hadith .Wallahu' nature

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