Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

The story of a grandfather and thieves papaya

I want to musing we started this time by recalling in one of the story of life that may be many left in front of our eyes .This story about a grandfather simple , live as a village that is earthy .An afternoon , he find persistence papaya tree in front of his house has been fruitful .Although only two pieces but has yellowing of and ready harvested .She plans to pluck fruits of it in the next day .But , when morning comes , and found a single his pepper lost stolen people

It is so sad , until his wife was surprised.”cook just because a papaya you so morose”  said his wif

That is not what i sad “of the grandfather, "i thoughts, how hard the man took papaya us .He must hidden away at midnight that did not get caught the .Not to mention should climb it with great effort to can be made 

Than that bune “ further the grandfather ,” i am going to borrow households and i put under the tree papaya us , hopefully he came back tonight and will have no trouble to yet pick up the other “

But when the morning reappear , and found papaya living a remained with stairs without shift at all .He tried to be patient , and hope the thief reappear in tonight .But in the next morning , still fruit of the papaya is still in place

At the end of the day, the grandfather of a guest who carrying fruit fruit of the papaya large in his hand.He has never know the visiting the.Anyway, after talking long, while he was farewell guests it very sorry admit that is who had stolen his pepper

“actually  “said the guest” night later i want to steal fruit of the papaya left .But when i found there are stairs there , i awakened and since then i are determined not to stealing again .For it , i returned pa you and to make amends i , i gift papaya i recently bought in the market for you.”

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