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The real story , occurring in pakistan .A dr surgeons famous ( dr .Ishan ) in a hurry to the airport .He is planning to come to conferences the world in medicine , to discuss his biggest discovery in medical field .After the airplane trip about 1 hour , suddenly announced that the plane is disrupted and had to land at the airport nearest . 

He visited the lighting and said: i am a special, every minutes of human life resorting to me, and now you ask me waiting for a plane be fixed in 16 hours?Employees said: o doctor, if you in a hurry you can rent a car, aim manda was not far from here, approximately by car 3 hours arrived.

Dr .Ishan agree with proposals the employee and rent a car .Just over 5 minutes , in a hurry weather clouded , followed by heavy rain accompanied by lightning resulting in the visibility very short 

After passed nearly 2 hours, they realized they got lost and feels exhaustion.Looks a small house not far from before, come over the house and knock. 

Heard the voice of an old lady: Please come in, who ya?

Open the door.He to enter and persuade to the mother to break sit down and want to borrow the phone.The mother smiled and said: ' call what son?Do you are not aware is the?Here there is no electricity, let alone the phone.However, enter please sit down first break, a minute i making some tea and bit of food to refreshes and restore strength you.'

Dr.Ishan like to thank her, and eat.While her prayer and prayed and slowly land approaching a kid lies not moving up a mattress with the mother, and he seemed agitated of every prayer.The mother continue prayers with do' a long a

Him and doctors say that for the sake of god , you have made i was impressed with the hospitality of you and your glory their attitude , may god answered do' a-do' a you .

Said her, son , you this is and the traveler already ordained by god for assisted .While do' a-do' a i have answered them all , except for one .Ask dr .Ishan: does that do' anya ?The mother said, child this is my grandson , he an orphan .He sick incurable by doctors that are here .They said to me this is a doctor surgeon who will be able to the cure; he said his name dr .Ishan , but he stay away from
here , that does not allow i do it to there , and i worry happens in the way .Thats why i berdo' a to god for memudahkannya .

And dr .Ishan and said while sobs: allahu akbar , do not haula quwwata illa billah .By god , really do' a mom has building a broken and must be improved long and leaving rain thunder and misled us , only to bring me to mother quickly and precisely .I belong dr .Ishan mom , and god created for like this to the servant that mu-min with do' a. this is commandments to me to treat this kid

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