Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

Father and ravens

On a certain afternoon a father with his daughters who had just finished higher education sit talking to one another in the yard while taking into account the atmosphere around them

Suddenly a raven alighted on twigs of a tree .The dad then pointed toward the crow while ask Son whether the package?

ravens,” responsible the child

The dad nodding , but moments later repeatedly the same question .The child think his father less hear his response last and responded with little hard. “that raven father”

But for a moment then the father asked the same question .The child was a little bit angry with the same question and repeated , and responded with harder, “ raven ! !”  the dad was silent instantly .But not long and then one more time ask questions which together so made the child lost his temper and answer to the tone told him reluctantly answer the question the dad, “crow father”

But regained surprising the child , moments later the dad once again open the mouth only to bertanyakan the same question .And this time the child benar-benar losing patience and became angry

Father ! ! ! i do not understand father understand or not .But they are already five times father asking the question and sayapun has given the answer .What father i want to say ? ? ? ?It was birds crow , raven father .” , Said the child to the tone was angry

The dad then rise to into the house leaving the children terheran-heran .A little then the dad out again with that in his hand .She held out it to her baby angry and bertanya-tanya .Was it a diary long . would you read what was once father wrote in the book chitchat that” , said his father .The child submit and read the that follows .
today i in the yard with my son the even five years old.Tiba-tiba a crow perch on the tree. My son continue to pointed to the crow and ask, “Father is that?.

And i answered , raven”

Although that , my son continue to ask the same question and whenever i replied with the same answer .To 25 times my son asked that , and by the love and honey i kept said to meet feeling the want he .I hope that this was a valuable education

After finished that part of the country the child raised the look upon the face of the dad wistful to be seen .The dad slowly sound , today father new ask you the same question five times , and you have lost his temper and angry .”

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