Sabtu, 05 Agustus 2017

Meaning a woman

A children have teenagers asked his father

Father    :        God Give You Strength From Within To Be Able To Give Birth To A Child, And Received    Have A Frequenter Of His Children. God Gives Violence To Make It Stand Firm When Other People Give Up, But He Was Take Care Of Their Families By Suffering And Exhaustion Without Complaining.

Children :       That's fine

Father    :        Not Only That , He Also Gave Sensibility To Love His Sons In Any State Of even When His Sons Acting So Hurt Him .

Child      :        It Turns Out That Women That Was So Awesome Yes , Father ?

Father    :        There More Each owned A Woman .

Child      :       What Is Wel.

Father    :       God Gave Him Force To Support Her Husband On Failure And Furnish Ribs Her Husba To  Protect His Heart .He May Wisdom To Know That A Good Husband Will Never Hurt His Wife .But Sometimes Test Strength And The Command Of His Heart To Be On The Side Her Husband Without Hesitation.

Child      :      And How With The Man ?

Father    :        Men Have To Make Woman Feel Comfortable And Protected Right biside him. Never Make Hearts Injured Female, If Men Intend Beat On That Young Lady, Remember Sacrifice Woman Who Has Delivered.

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