Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

A Dish of Ice Cream

One day, when a bowl of ice cream sundaes are cheaper, a boy aged 10 years into a coffee shop and sat at the table.A servant put a glass of water in front of him

“How the price to a bowl of ice cream sundaes are ?”

“50 sen”  answered the waiter

The little boy withdrew his hand out of pocket and calculate a number of a nickel in the it .

“How the price to a bowl of ice cream plain ?” The boy asked again .Some people now wait to get a table and servant getting a little impatient

35 sen”  the servant the rough

A child the calculations coins again , and finally said i want to buy a bowl of ice cream plain,” said

The waiter brought him ice cream order such a child , put a bill in the table and walk away leaving the child .When the child had finished eat ice cream , he pay for it at the checkout and go home .

When the manservant come back to clear the table , he began to wiping the table and then while they eat because what did he see .In the desk , placed neatly on side plate empty , coin worth 15 cents , tip to the manservant of a child last he considers to be sucks .

So wisdom that we can take of the above is: do not take a paltry or despised others , because it could be the person was will help you when you have a predicament

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