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A brawler arts in one

Chen was a teenager man who lives in hawaii .Unlike ordinary people , he has left hand .His right hand no from birth .Because his defect that many youth another man at and often mocking , in fact some like hit and promote his head .
One day , coming home school he will and seduced some teenagers man , the incident attract attention an old man who happened to be passing by .The old man then expelling all teenagers that insulted chen , he feel sorry for chen , and he said i will teach you judo that there should be no bold bother you again .Chen confused also because he only have one hand , how might be able to studies judo .The old man finally capable of being convinced chen that he is the judo specific to a person handed one .
Finally chen agree to learn judo of the parents may and started the next day after school , he went to the house of the old to learn judo .The parents may teach chen a paces which is very difficult controlled , until a few months also chen still not fit well .Until finally entered the sixth then chen able to do it with a little good , chen were delighted and he asks to the old man to taught him the other .The parents may shook his head and said you are able to handle the arts ?Good , okay do it the arts more quickly and better
Chen continue studying diligently and finally she can take over the with the better , but he bored also , he thought  the  just the hell , when the nih learn the other ?He finally said teachers , i got the arts it with good , teach dong the another .Parents who is his teacher the said you feel got the well ?All right then 3 more months you come the game .Chen uncertain , how could he possibly who handed  one have fought against the enemy that handed  two in a game ?But he thinks there is no harm to attempted , in thought chen in three months this must be his teacher teach moves  new to for the .

A week, two weeks, a month practice, chen the wonder, his teacher did not teach the new at all, he were commanded to learn control the single with movement faster and the better.Finally chen impatient and protest teachers, why the teacher did not teach the new anything to me, am i have fought with one hand and the only one .His teacher still not teach the any new until 3 monthstime goes by and it was time to.

Chen started the game first elimination nervously, but because the training is very ripe, finally he can win also.The second game and third he win also with the same.Until it was time it into semifinal.Chen so nervous, he said  teachers, fast teach me the new.I have already won three times use 1 the same, an enemy must have been can read my moves, my enemy this time the defending champion, he is very great, fast teachers, teach me .The teacher calmly said sure it, you must win .Chen even more nervous, finally reaching on the.The opposed to is very great, many times he can avoid locks  the chen, but in the end at a certain point he a little were naive and chen can use opportunities only seconds to incorporate the the only it possesses.Chen win again!  When finalpun arrived .Chen have confidence that had been soaring , his opponent they already had keder the first move , he finally can beat her opponent in easy and chen to be the champion ! !Yes , only with one hand and one arts , he can beat its opponents who have hands normal and diverse arts .

Chen then home to the house and partying with a bunch of relatives and friends .Then he found his teacher, and goes for a walk with his teacher that .While walking they are discussing victory chen .Chen wondered and ask to his teacher teachers , how can i win against those who normal with the only one ?It was very disturbing .His teacher said because you have determination steel , a strong desire , and one more , the that i shall teach it is the very difficult anticipated and very difficult it , the only way to escape from kuncian it is by locking turning the right hand you “ 

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