Kamis, 03 Agustus 2017

Essentially there are some people became careless in this world , and that is not a problem that large , as long as they want to change and listen to advice people in the surrounding areas .But , the same thing does not happen to this young man , even after he earn money and worked as security in an office in the city .His duty examine all the rooms after home the office and locked the door before the final main home to his rental house .Have repeatedly he be reminded to carefully and check all the room beforehand , to the office to be left in good condition and safe .
Instead of done their job well , he even often not checked every room , so some light often left in condition is not put out .That afternoon after other employees home , the young man hurried and lock that main entrance , without checking every room carefully
All go well , until an hour later a a telephone call from his superior out a employees have locked in their offices .
His superiors has been in office , also some other employees who had enjoying a coffee in a cafe the their offices .The man apologize and admitted his guilt , that he had no problems means for the incident .But , this incident gave him one important lesson , who is from his mother . when you do well , it was like a cup of tea warm use , when stirred they calm and the color remained the same even after a long .
But when you do wrong , then it is like a cup of black coffee , when stirred are they so tempting and the color will be directly murky and black , although settles had had long .So people will always remember deed your fault , son , although has long passed

His mother advice really be true , for since that day youth they are always to be an gaff workers in there .Some of them even often sat it down by jest , do not let leave and locked them at the office , such as the employees of earlier

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