Jumat, 11 Agustus 2017


A find a cocoon a butterfly .One day a small hole appeared .He sat and observing in a few hours that butterflies when she struggled with forcing himself through a small hole that .Then it stops butterflies make progress .She looks like she has sought to him however we can and can not even further .

The concluded that they would help , he took a pair of shears and cut the rest of the shell restraints it .The butterfly out with easy. however , he had the body distend and small , shriveled wings. person continued to look into it because he expects that , at some point , wings will bloom and wide order to be able to support his body , that will grow in time .

Everything is not ever happened.In fact, butterflies that spend the rest of his life crawl around it with the body distend and shriveled wings.He could never fly.Which are not intelligible of the kindness and the rush the person is that a cocoon the immobilize and struggle s needed butterflies to pass through holes little is the way of allah to force a liquid of the body butterflies into its wings in a way that he will be ready fly so she got freedom from the pupa cocoon.

Sometimes struggle is all that it takes in our lives .But if he fails we live uninhibited , that may be just has us paralyzed .We may is not as strong as the should we can .We may never can fly .I pray for power? and allah gives i obstacles to make i went strong 

In the words of a cleric , ' rather than to require ' o god therefore lighten masalahku' , but  move' o god punggungku' be strong

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