Kamis, 03 Agustus 2017

Life is not as easy as imagined

Smart and always school students , who does not want to be someone like this? But do you know, that for like is not easy .Because life is not as easy as you can imagine .

Has long rani so often seen nina, her classmates a new high school.Among them were junior hing school different, and both new know each other after sitting in the high school a few months ago.Both she and nina, they feel lucky and glad to be able meet and know each other at the school.

Nina so smart , with ability to learn that could be said of on average. He always can keep up with everything lessons easily , understand and respond quickly .Nina smart in learning , not only on one subjects , but nina superior in all subjects in his class .This is what makes rani wonder , although he me rather including a brilliant and always get ranked secondary schools his first .But when study in the same class with nina , she did not seem at bay by the nina there , although his attitude is not arrogant and fucking smartas

Nina can also to communicate and get along fine in all people, not only his friends, even in where the teachers also.The way he was so sweet and sincere, so that all people like him, even rani also.Not only smart and friendly just, nina also has paras sweet and generous smile, so he is favored by his friends

At first , rani so it is nice to know and close to nina , for the that one is very friendly .But , sooner or later rani were changing attitudes , he is beginning to see nina as a threat , whether it is for outstanding achievements as well as its existence in school .She started to change and slightly quiet to him , occasionally he even avoid as they were to passed in class .Instead of away , nina actually more often approached rani and be as usual .This makes rani increasingly clumsy , for piecemeal he started hate to his friend this one 
She felt that life nina so easily and fun , although nina look relaxed have a study in class , nina can still do all questions and answer a question teachers easily .It all looks very easy for nina , even it is easy for the rani .This type of thinking inhabits heart rani for some time , until one day he visited a him .

Already two day nina ill and not in school , until finally rani and some people friend and guardian his class decided to visit her at home .This for the first time rani go to the nina , it turns out it is located far enough and have to pass through narrow alleys at the end of village. About 10 km , nina pedaled her bike every day to school .His teacher who also live in the area know and recognize with nina parents who apparently only an artisan garbage roving complex in place of residence of the teacher was .Nina enter high school the same with rani on recommendations the teacher to the foundation so that the owner he was given the opportunity to participate in the test and get scholarships .Not just because of course just know , but because nina always performed well since sat on the bench primary school.

Rani arrived in the yard of a house clean and tidy , complete with the bottles beverages which have been planted colorful flowers .The building so simple , vastness not even more than 6x5 meters .Nina sitting in front of holding a book and the lesson , a little shocked friends saw the arrival of his class and the guardian .Some books lined pile beside himself , it looked like all secondhand books , perchance collected by her father when collect trash 

She could not believe it , apparently his colleagues pain is was studying algebra textbook them in chapter to 16 and that is the latest chapter in first class .While in school , they even just entering chapter to 7 last week .Nina have studied almost all the contents of a book the math at home , complete with matter of matter discussion .Rani ashamed of themselves and also the way he was so far , for achievement nina was obtained from hard work that never he pointed out.

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