Sabtu, 05 Agustus 2017

rich and poor

One day , a father who coming from a wealthy family take their child in one travel around the country by the purpose show the child how poor the life of people around .They then they spend a few days in a house agriculture considered the dad by the very poor .
After the return from their way , the dad question his son:

How was the trip son?

A great journey well.

Did you see how poor people life ? , “the father said” 

O of course , “responsible the child” 

Now tell , what you learn from that ride , “ said the father”.

The child answer:

I see that we have a dog , but they have four dog .We got a pool whose lengths to the middle of our park , but they have a tributary there is no end .We bring the lights for the us , but they have starlight at night .A terrace our place to sit extending up front page , and a terrace they are horizon broad .We have the narrow to stay , but they have looked as far as the field. We have attendant services us , but they minister to one another .We bought our food , but they grow its own food .We have all over the wall to protect us , and they have friends to protect them .The father of the children can only numb .And the child added their words: “ father , received ”

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