Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

The story of wine the lord

A when noah son of maryam , a ruler and qodhidiwilayahmaru in turkmenistan , her daughter will marry off a beautiful , smart , and the graceful

Then come on the princes and putra2 nobleman propose to her  with offers dowry many , but the princess seemingly reluctant to accept prostitutes it 

It making his dad confused, and nor did he want to choose candidate for his daughter, because might be disappointing the other.

For a while he see grape in thegarden, since 2 months ago , guarded by mubarok a slave from india .

He asked ' subhanallah, 2 months have you live in this garden, but ca not comprehend also which wine sweet or acid 'mubarok said

 ...Servant not ever had this sir , not be understandi' ' why do not you try ' ask noah

  Mubarok said ' because you only orders servant go, and not ordered eat it, and i will not betrayed'
Apparently mubarok rather than a slave, but a man skilled acts of worship and obedience to god .

Short story noah match mubarok for his daughter , willed allah ...The beautiful princess it received the slave so her husband , and prince handsome he had leave

And of those born abdullah bin mubarok a clericlarge among tabiin.

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