Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

Learn from the jewel

A young child visit an expert gems and convey his needs in learning .The gems refused to initially , because he is worried that young patience not sufficient to learn .The young man begged and pleading and eventually the jewel agreed to request . come here tomorrow morning.  Said

The next day, the gems laid a stone to the diamond the child young and ordered for holding it.The gem it is on his job and leave the young man alone till noon

The next day , the gems it back to the young man grasping rock same and said nothing another until the end of the day .Similarly on the third day , fourth , and fifth

The sixth day , the young man no longer and ask,  teachers , when i would be taught something ?

His teacher paused and answer,  will it was time later,  and back continue his job

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