Kamis, 03 Agustus 2017

The story of 3 people a builder

In a small village there is a boy who was walking across the location of which will be built a school .The boy see there are three people who were working there.
Mr , while do that ? ' ask him to the first
you can see for yourself , i this is an artisan , i was doing my job as artisan bangunan' he answered
So the was asking the same question to the second ' mr , while do that ?
' i was helping a school it makes school.' responsible building a second
And the boys are ask the same question to the third ' sir, and commit that? '
A third answer , ' i is trying to build a dream children in this village so that they dared dream a little high and achieve their goals , so that they bring benefits in society
Man, that vision .. we may do the exact same thing with colleagues us, We may do the same business partners and competitors us.But possess distant vision in there and capable of soulful for anyone who has heard
Ask ourselves , about this job we do today is only to fill the stomach of next month ?
Moreover our worship, whether it is only for drop obligation? or do we had a vision that long way to in the hereafter?

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