Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

Wisdom from loss

At a time, in a rural china, live an elderly man and his family.The man process a garden and had several pet, one for the is a male horse .A while, horses owned old man up was missing .Some neighbors said d seen the horse ran past the boundary that should not be accommodated villagers. The old man be sad, but he said, ' it is , perhaps it is not something bad and who knows will come something right.

After day by the day, at night, the old man shocked by the sound of a horse. He instantly rise up and looked toward the outside of the house, looked lost his horse has and bring back a female horse whether belonging to who becomes his partner. Of course, like those rules in the village, a horse that is not their knowing or wild will be theirs who discovered. The neighbors congratulate on old man have regained his horse as well as additional one horse at no charge.
After the clock, the sons of the old man start practicing to get up the back of a horse and spur a horse the area plantation around. Unfortunately, one day, the boy fell from up the back of a horse and has a knee injury is very severe .Need to a long time to recover, but even if thing, the boy it did not work normal.' never mind, son' said the old man, ' perhaps it will bring something better for you.
And as a preceding occurrence, the old man feel back something that good. In the it was the war, all boys in the village must bear arms and fight on the battlefield .But due to a defect, boys the old man fixed in the village and work cultivate a garden. No one regretted, that sons that do as did his fathe, he believes there will be wisdom behind this terrible thing that causes he lost manner of walking normal.

Years changed years .The war is over and the boys who fought return to the village .It turns out just a few back, since most of they turn were killed in battle. The man deep slightly grateful that his son fixed in a healthy condition and the smart taking care of the estate .So , not was nothing to regretted because for the family , happiness does not has been assumed only at the time of something happened, but also in times of late.

Friend , wisdom of the story we must learn that every time we felt the loss, indeed what we weeping not literally, because at the time when that we might not have think, we will get wisdom of a sense of loss the .We are about to taste more joy it if we d never felt lost. But it would happy that will come when we can eat in false what has been lost, not with to lament or bewail continuous.

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